Section 1 Definitions

  1. Newsletter – a free-of-charge service provided electronically, which allows the Customer to receive previously ordered news relating to the Shop sent by the Provider by electronic means. It includes information about offers, discounts and new products in the Shop.
  2. Shop – Piumo, the online shop maintained by the Provider at the following address:
  3. Provider – LOMAN z o. o., entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register (KRS) entered in Company Register of National Court Register, NIP (tax identification number) 5472078236, REGON (National Official Business Register number) 24075701300000, ul. Wapienicka 20, 43-382 Bielsko-Biała.
  4. Customer – any entity using the Newsletter service.

Section 2 Newsletter

  1. The Customer uses the Newsletter service voluntarily.
  2. Emails within the framework of this service will be sent to the Customer’s email address provided in the Newsletter subscription.
  3. In order to conclude the Agreement and subscribe to the Newsletter, in the first step the Customer enters his/her email address in a designated place on the Website for the purpose of receiving the Newsletter messages. Next, the Provider sends a verification email to the email address entered by the Customer in the first step, containing a link to confirm the Customer’s will to subscribe to the Newsletter. Upon the Customer’s confirmation of his/her will to subscribe to the Newsletter, the service agreement is concluded and the Provider starts providing the service to the Customer.
  4. A device with the latest version of a web browser supporting JavaScript and cookie files and with Internet access, as well as an active email account are required for the use of the Newsletter service.
  5. Information about the cancelling of the subscription to the Newsletter and the unsubscribe link will appear in the email correspondence.
  6. The Customer may cancel his/her subscription to the Newsletter at any time without giving a reason and incurring any costs by using the option referred to in subs. 5 or by sending an email to the Provider’s email address:
  7. Clicking on the unsubscribe link or sending an email with a request to cancel your subscription will result in immediate termination of the service agreement.

Section 3 Complaints

  1. Complaints concerning the Newsletter should be addressed to the following email address:
  2. The Provider will respond to a complaint within 14 days from receiving the complaint.

Section 4 Personal data

  1. The Customer’s personal data provided to the Provider with regard to the Newsletter service are administered by the Provider.
  2. When the Customer subscribes to the Newsletter, he/she voluntarily provides his/her personal data. However, providing personal data is necessary for the use of the service referred to in these Terms and Conditions. Personal data provided by the Customer will be processed by the Provider in order to provide the Newsletter service to the Customer.
  3. The Customer has the right to review the personal data which concerns him/her and to demand their amendment.

Section 5 Final provisions

  1. The Provider reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions only for substantial reasons. A substantial reason is understood as a necessary change in the Terms and Conditions due to: the Newsletter service modernisation or amendments in the provisions of law applicable to the Provider’s service.
  2. Information about the planned changes in Terms and Conditions will be sent to the Customer’s email address indicated in the subscription at least 7 days before the changes enter into force.
  3. If the Customer does not object to the planned changes before the date of its entry into force, it is assumed that he/she accepts them.
  4. In the event the Customer refuses to accept the changes, he/she should send information on that fact to the following email address of the Provider: This will result in termination of the service agreement upon the entry into force of the planned changes.
  5. The Customer is forbidden to provide content of illegal nature.